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Less than 1% of waste textiles are turned into new ones. So we want to help keep clothes in use. 

Reducing Waste

We love fashion, but not fast fashion. The amount of waste created by the fashion industry has grown significantly over the last 20 years, with hundreds of millions of tonnes of used (and even new) textiles ending up in global landfills every year.  

As a result, making sure our clothes will stand the test of time and not end up in landfill is incredibly important to us. We want our designs to outlive trends, and our garments to be durable enough that they can be worn over and over again, maybe even adapted, and then passed on.  

But we know there is always an ending, so we’re also doing everything we can to ensure our clothes will be as easy as possible to recycle when technology finally catches up. That way, if you (or the next person), are ready to finally part ways with your favourite OMNES dress, you can feel confident that our pieces won’t end up in landfill. 

Currently, it’s estimated that less than 1% of waste textiles can even be turned into new textiles. The technology just isn’t ready yet as so many fabrics are made from blended fibres – meaning they’re difficult to separate and break down. So wherever possible we use mono fibres that will be easier to recycle, or completely natural fabrics that could biodegrade back to nature. 

OMNES Recycling Program

We’ve gone one step further as we want to help you keep clothes in use and textiles as textiles.   

We set up the OMNES Recycling Program to help you responsibly deal with clothes you no longer want. Send us your pre-loved clothing, and our program partners will help us to give it a new life.  

We currently work with Smart Works to aid their mission of helping women succeed in the workforce by donating work appropriate clothing. All you need to do is send us up to 5 items and we’ll pay your postage costs. We’ll even send you a special 10% discount code as a way of saying thanks. Because kindness and karma is a cycle, too. 

Send us your stuff