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About Us

The fashion industry
needs to change.

As one of the world’s most prolific polluters, and with 85% of all textiles ending up in landfill, the fashion industry’s detrimental impact is vast, and improving the way it operates will make a huge, positive difference to the future of our planet.

OMNES means ‘all’. It’s our name because we are all in this together. We created OMNES to help change the way you shop, wear and think about clothing. And to encourage the rest of the industry to do it, too.

We want to do fashion differently. We want to make it better. Together.

Every OMNES piece is designed in our London studio, where the creative team sketch out trend-led pieces you will want to wear on repeat, this season and beyond.

From there we work with a small, carefully selected set of fabric producers, all individually approved by top environmental groups , to ensure that OMNES designs are created as sustainably as currently possible. 

From design to fabric, and production to final product, right through to recycling,  OMNES is here to innovate, learn, improve and, hopefully, educate. So that every time and everywhere you shop you will know the fabrics to look for, the styles that suit you and how to ensure they will last longer.

While OMNES constantly strives to be more sustainable, we are still learning, and there is a long way for the industry to go. Feedback is invaluable; if you like what you see or you know a way we could do better, get in touch with us here.

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Apricot Floral Print Mini Wrap Dress


Abstract Floral Print Shirt Dress


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Ditsy Floral Print Shirt Dress


Portobello Blue Floral Print Wrap Midi Dress


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Painted Floral Cape Back Midi Dress


Monochrome Floral Smock Mini Dress


Graphic Floral High Neck Reversible Dress


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