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Our Producers

Creating clothes for us is a partnership with our suppliers and factories and when you work in partnership there is a mutual trust and respect for everyone involved. We are dedicated to ensuring our work does not impact the environment or the people we work with in a negative way. That is why everyone we work with is fully audited and has signed our partnership policy which outlines our very high standards under the categories of people, planet & the greater good. OMNES will never work with anyone that doesn’t treat their employees fairly.

Bonjur Clothing Industry, Turkey

Our factory partner in Turkey, where our Marta jeans are made, has been producing garments since 2017. 

  • Family Run Business No
  • Years in Business 4
  • Processes Cutting, sewing & packing
  • Employees 175 people
  • Production Capacity 150,000 pieces a month
  • Audits Factory is audited every year by Sedex
  • Are Employees Paid a Living Wage? Yes - 3.500,00TRY
  • Employee working hours daily 8 hours, with 1 hour break a day
  • Employee hours per week 45 hours
  • Employees holiday days 24 days a year
  • Sustainable Fabrics Used Organic/Recycled Cotton
  • Certificates Sedex Audited, EIM Certificate for Laundry (Outsourced)
  • Charities supported Local charities
Tricot Fantai, China

Our factory partner in China has been producing garments since 2001. 

  • Family run business No
  • Years in business 20
  • Processes Knitting (50%), Linking, Inspecting, Washing, Ironing, Packing
  • Employees 200 people
  • Production capacity 50,000 pcs a month
  • Employees working hours daily 8
  • Employees vaction days 15
  • Sustainable Fabrics Used: Recycled Polyester, BCI & Organic Cotton, Bamboo & EcoVero
  • Certificates ICS, BSCI
  • Charities supported: Schools in the local areas
  • Are Employees Paid a Minimum Wage? USD 800.00/month
  • Renewable Energy Sources Used: Solar energy
Fashion India, India

Our factory partner in India has been designing garments since 1992.

  • Family Run Business Yes
  • Years in Business 28
  • Processes Sampling, Designing, Cutting & Embroidery
  • Employees 520 People
  • Production Capacity 80,000 Units a Month
  • Employee Working Hours Daily 8
  • Employee Holiday Days 24
  • Sustainable Fabrics Used Recycled Polyester, BCI & Organic Cotton, Bamboo & Ecovera
  • Certificates ISO 9001:2018
  • Charities Supported Human Care International Delhi, Upkar Mandal Hasanpur Orphanage & World Vision India
  • Are Employees Paid a Minimum Wage? Yes
  • Ways That Waste Is Reduced All washrooms have water control systems and there is a waste water treatment plant installed in the facility
  • Renewable Energy Sources Used 25% of electricity consumption is used by in house solar panels
Oden, Turkey

Our factory partner in Turkey has been designing garments since 2000.

  • Family Run Business Partnership
  • Years in Business 20
  • Processes Cutting, Sewing, Ironing, Packing, Laundry
  • Employees 550 people
  • Production Capacity 350,000 Units
  • Employee Working Hours Daily 9
  • Employee Holiday Days 14 Days
  • Sustainable Fabrics Used Recycled & Organic Denim
  • Certificates GOTS, GRS, OCS, RCS, ISO
  • Charities Supported ATLAS Egitim Vakfi
  • Ways That Waste is Reduced They collect their own textile cuttings and recycle them
  • How Often is the Factory Audited? Once a year
  • Are Employees Paid a Minimum Wage? Yes
Bela Trend, Bulgaria

Our family-run factory partner in Bulgaria produces our lovely knitwear. More information about Bela Trend to follow soon.

Sai Creations, India

More information about our factory partner in India, Sai Creations, coming soon.

Gossip Clothing, Romania

More information about our factory partner in Romania, Gossip Clothing, coming soon.

  • Years in business: 23 years
  • Family run: Yes
  • Production Capacity / Month: 10,000 Garments / Month
  • In house processes: Patterns, grading, markers, cutting, sewing, packing
  • Number of employees: 142
  • How often is factory audited: Once a year
  • Audit carried out by: SGS
  • Employees hours per day; 8 hrs pd, 30 min break
  • Employee Holiday Days 21 holiday days / year
  • Employees paid a living wage: From the legal minimum wage up
  • Employee benefits: Transport, lunch tickets, holiday bonuses
  • Company Certifications: SMETA – SEDEX
  • Ways that waste is reduced: We re-use for packing the boxes we receive the trims in, we send back to our suppliers the thread cones and hanger boxes so that they can use again