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We're fashioning a better future.

Happy Birthday To Us!

Don’t you feel like it’s about time that we got to know each other a bit better? Same. We think that we should talk more, and not just because we’re certain that we’d really get along with all you smart, funny, brilliant women who are out there wearing our clothes. We’re really proud of everything we’re achieving and we’ve decided that it’s worth shouting about it – and, seeing as today is Earth Day, this seemed like the perfect moment to start.

So, what do you need to know about us? If you’re here there’s a good chance you’ve already clocked that we make beautiful, considered clothes that make you look and feel incredible. Which is obviously crucial – but it’s how we go about it that really sets us apart. We’re on a mission to completely change and disrupt the fashion industry and prove that you can build a stellar, affordable wardrobe without causing enormous damage to the environment. We take our responsibilities incredibly seriously: we use recycled or organic materials where we can, minimise waste – we’re always coming up with new and creative ways to transform our off-cuts into something you’ll want to wear - and we only work with responsible factories and suppliers who look after the communities and ecosystems around them. 

"OMNES will never work with anyone that doesn't treat their employees fairly"

A desire to look good is nothing to be ashamed of

  1. As one of the world’s most prolific polluters, and with 85% of all textiles ending up in landfill, the fashion industry’s detrimental impact is vast
  2. Improving the way it operates will make a huge, positive difference to the future of our planet.
  3. OMNES means ‘all’. It’s our name because we are all in this together. We created OMNES to help change the way you shop, wear and think about clothing.
  4. Every OMNES piece is designed in our London studio, where the creative team sketch out trend-led pieces you will want to wear on repeat.
  5. From there we work with a small, carefully selected set of fabric producers, all individually approved by top environmental groups.

We all need to do things differently and OMNES exists to create clothing that is cool and considered, so that you can have great style without damaging the planet or your wallet.

A desire to look good is nothing to be ashamed of