The fashion industry needs to change.

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As one of the world’s most prolific polluters, with millions of tonnes of textiles ending up in landfill every year, and global supply chain workers being underpaid and exploited, the fashion industry’s detrimental impact is vast. Improving the ways it operates could make a truly positive difference to the future of our planet and global community.

OMNES means ‘all’. It’s our name because we are all in this together. We created OMNES to help change the way you shop, wear and think about clothing and to encourage the rest of the industry to change too.

We want to do fashion differently.
We want to make it better.

Every OMNES piece is designed in our
London studio.

Where the creative team sketch out pieces you will want to wear on repeat,
this season and beyond.

From there we work with a small, carefully selected set of producers, who are all individually assessed by independent auditors and make our products using globally certified materials, to ensure that OMNES designs are created as sustainably as currently possible.

From design to fabric, and production to final product, performance, right through to end of life solutions, OMNES is here to innovate, learn, improve and, hopefully, educate. So that every time and everywhere you shop you will know the best fabrics to look for, the styles that suit you and how to ensure they will last as long as possible.

While OMNES constantly strives to be as socially and environmentally sustainable as possible, we are always learning. Feedback is invaluable; if you like what you see or you know a way we could do better, get in touch with us here.

In 2016 the UK government rebranded the minimum wage for over 23s the ‘National Living Wage'.

This is a statutory hourly rate of £10.24 for all people living in the UK (including London), which is calculated by a percentage of medium earnings, and aims to reach 66% of the median earnings by 2024.

Those under 23 do not qualify for National Living Wage, but instead Minimum Wage, which is currently set at £10.18 for over 21s and £7.49 for those 18-20, and is not based on the needs of the employer, but by taking into account on the average affordability for businesses in the UK.

We are proud to be an accredited
Living Wage Employer.

But what does it mean?

Whilst many people in the UK live on the National Living Wage and Minimum Wage, these don’t actually add up to the real-life cost of rent, food, travel, healthcare etc.  

The Living Wage Foundation was set up as a means of encouraging employers to pay a ‘real Living Wage’, which is a wage that actually covers the true cost of living. This figure is independently calculated and is currently (as of 24th October 2023) £12.00 in the UK and £13.15 in London for all people over 18. 

According to the foundation, it’s imperative to have a separate rate for London due to the inflated cost of resources, and is based not on average earnings, but on a basket of household goods and services (for example, a weekly shop or an unexpected visit to the dentist).

Although not all companies around the world pay a real living wage, at OMNES we encourage all of our global partners and producers to do so. All our producers outside the UK are also audited annually by independent third parties, so we can ensure that even the people who are indirectly employed by OMNES are being treated and paid fairly.

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