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Our Role

OMNES Role in Sustainability

80% of a garment's environmental impact is
determined at the design stage

 You’ve probably read that the fashion industry is one of our world’s worst polluters. There are many reasons why, but the biggest - and the easiest to change – is decided at the design stage. At OMNES our goal is to avoid any of our garments ending up in landfill so, from the outset, when our expert designers are still sketching the latest pieces, we’re thinking about the right choice of material, how we can make sure you’ll be able to wear it for as long as possible and what will happen to it when you can’t do that anymore.


We’re also committed to eliminating the waste that is usually created when making clothes. Right now, we’re trying out new ways of upcyling fabric off cuts into accessories.

Being able to trust the factories OMNES works with is crucial, so all of those producing clothes and accessories for us – currently based in Romania, India and London – are fully audited by Sedex to ensure they meet our high standards when it comes to Health and Safety, Environment, Business Ethics and Labour Standards. OMNES will never work with anyone that doesn’t treat their employees fairly.